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    • Thank you for the wonderful account, the amazing pictures and your empathy. I hope your heart feels better because all in all it really was a wonderful night ♥. I am so excited to hear what their new albums will bring.
      Maith agat ( May you have good = thank you in Irish),
      a chara = friend.

  1. Katrina,

    It was so amazing to meet you and experience the evening the way we did. As I told everyone afterwards, I was, and am still in disbelief at how perfect everything ended up for not actually being inside for the performance. You are so thoughtful and reading through your recount of the evening made me smile from ear to ear. You mentioned everything and everyone. Thank you. You are a wonderful spirit, and I know we all felt the same way. I have no question that you are a dedicated, connected, and compassionate teacher… it seems that you would know no other way to be. The love in your heart is oozing from your pores. You are also very kind to mention and support my musical ventures. It is much appreciated!

    Again, I can’t begin to tell you how special that night was. I do hope our paths cross again.

    All the best and much love,


    • Kochira koso = Quite the contrary, I should be thanking you.
      Heck, let’s split the difference and enjoy the memory 🙂

      I was very impressed when I heard your music. It was a bonus to an already great evening.
      Keep on making music and making our lives richer for it.
      I too hope our paths cross again. In the meantime wish all the gang the best from me.
      Many thanks to all.

  2. My name is Steven Anders. I’m Gabe Bohm’s McCabe-going buddy. He was telling me about you last night at Diego Garcia’s show at McCabe’s (by the way…one of the best nights I’ve experienced at the venue). He really liked your story (although it nearly brought him to tears). And now…i like your story as well. I’ve bookmarked your blog. It’s very much worth reading. Good music life to you.

  3. Hi Steven,
    It sounds like Gabe has a heart of gold and you have a good concert buddy. I had a quick listen to Diego Garcia’s music and liked it. Thanks for the recommendation. The search also led me to an atoll I’d never heard of before. Ah, the power of the web!
    Many thanks for the positive feedback and wishing you good melodies to sweeten your days .

  4. Nice to make you virtual acquaintance Mister. We will undoubtably catch each other in person at some point. As to McCabe’s…..every five years of so Luka Bloom comes through L.A.
    If you haven’t experienced him live…do put it on your to-do list. Robbie Fulks, Ollabelle, and if you’ve never caught Jackshit, hit them as well. guitar-god Val McCallum and Elvis Costello’s rhythm section. They’re coming up April 1st…and that’s no joke. Thanks for your blog. Steve

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