2 comments on “38. The Wrong Path: U.S. Education

  1. Perhaps you and those like you wouldn’t feel so much like victims if you realized that education is not and never has been a “right,” it is a privilege. Two hundred years ago you were lucky if you got to go to school at all, and if you did you had to pay a huge amount for it. Every student in America today has it far better than the average student two hundred years ago. Perhaps if the students actually got a decent history education they would realize this.

    As for the added stress of the AP exams, all I can say is that it’s pathetic that these are now considered such a huge deal. What’s considered “AP” in the US is what’s considered normal high school level in other countries. Our public school system has continually dumbed down our standards for education to the point that even our A+ students can’t even compete with their foreign counterparts (especially Germany). Perhaps if we stopped mollycoddling students and telling them how hard their lives are, and started actually pushing students to achieve and do real quality work, we wouldn’t be in quite the mess we’re in now…

    • I find it hard to understand why so many Americans do not stand up for their rights and seem to feel indebted and grateful for the privilege of education that is widely considered in most other developed countries to be a basic right.
      Is it a colonial inheritance?
      Do people not know of the universal declaration of human rights here?
      You are absolutely right about AP level here being regular level in other countries. But it is most often taught better abroad and not to the test that costs extra here and is designed for maximizing profit for a company.

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