4 comments on “46. Glen Hansard at the Wiltern 6/20/12

  1. Very nice…and all true. A few yrs back, a friend and I traveled from Indiana to St Louis for a Swell Season show at the Pageant. We met a local mother/daughter in line, and all sat together for the show. Next week I’m headed for the Vic in Chicago, meeting up with the same mother/daughter team. In September, I will once again be headed to the Pageant in St Louis…but no need for hotel reservations this time, as I have been invited to stay with someone who, 2.5yrs ago, was a complete stranger living some 300 miles away. All thanks to the Glen factor.

    • Excellent review. Not sure if you have already but send this to the lovely women who do http://www.orderinthesound.com. Wow, i have to wait until Nov. to see Glen solo opening for Eddie Vedder (in Austin). But I did get to see him during SXSW in March so can’t complain. I miss my Frames though and sadly the boys won’t be supporting him in November here :(. But Glen’s said they’re going to make a Frames album soon, can’t bleedin wait!

      • Thanks Sherri,
        I took your advice and passed on the info. to OITS. They already have my McCabe’s story in the stories section and this one may be joining it.

        I’ve been spoiled with three in a row: the Amoeba (Glen) concert on Monday, the El Rey (Lisa Hannigan) concert on Tuesday and the Wiltern (Glen) on Wednesday. Love the new music on Rhythm and Repose. That will keep my soul fed until the next Frames album and hopefully another Swell Season album come out too. I always thought the two groups would just meld into one and in a sense they did for a while though it was never official.

        I’m thrilled I can revisit most of what I saw online. Courage, mon amie: the Internet will keep us connected when we can’t get close to the musicians we love as they tour.

        November will be here before you know it.
        Hang on in there 🙂

    • Thanks for reading pj and for your story.
      It’s amazing how songs grow into something far bigger than an album or a concert.
      They connect people together from all over the country and sometime from all over the globe.
      Have a great time in Chicago and in St. Louis. Great music is best enjoyed with great company.
      Your story of joy shared warms the heart.

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