3 comments on “117. Learn Irish – Wagon Wheel lyrics

  1. Thank you so, so much for your efforts with this ong and others. I have been wrestling with Gaeilge for some time and all your hard work is of great benefit to someone like myself. Thanks a million. — Jack

      • Nollaig Shona dhuit agus go raibh maith agut. I speak very fluent Espaol and have a smattering of various other languages, but Gaeilge is the biggest challenge I have ever had. Which is OK with me. I go through stages of frustration, then laughter and then pleasure at being able to glimpse the wonder of the language and culture.

        What you are doing is a truly invaluable service to language learners and for the cause of Irish culture.

        Virtually almost any other language, all you need is a dictionary and a grammar book and listen to some Youtube videos and you are off and running in learning, but Irish is obviously different. I am not sure if you are aware of the importance of what you are doing, but you are able to do this amazing feat — combining great erudition and knowledge with an ability to present it all in manageable small bites of information. You should be proud of yourself.

        My parents were immigrants from Kerry and I grew up in a big extended Irish family in Chicago. Lots of laughs and songs, stories and some poetry. Overall something I have grown to appreciate as I grow older here in San Diego.

        My wife and I looked after my old man until he died just before he turned 100. I was amazed because the last couple of years, when he woke up in the morning hed start talking a blue steak of Gaeilge. The only Irish words I had heard growing up were things like amadn so this was a huge surprise to me. He told me that he didnt even know any Barla until he was about six years old. Now I am kicking myself that I didnt go out and buy a couple of books in Irish and get a tape recorder to tape some of this.

        So it was only then that I realized that what he had been doing with us kids was what almost all immigrants [Polish, Italian, etc.] do in trying to avoid the old language, feeling I guess that somehow the kids wont learn how to become Americans or whatever unless everybody spoke English all the time.


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