9 comments on “278. Creideamh nó Bolscaireacht?

  1. “Tá a fhios ag an domhan mór anois céard a tharla sna Magdalenes”

    Ar eagla go bhfuil daoine fós nach bhfuil ar an eolas

    sliocht as Tuairiscáil Mc Aleese (2013)Chapter 19

    i. Sexual abuse
    31. One woman told the Committee that she was subjected to sexual abuse by an auxiliary during her time in a Magdalen Laundry. She was not aware of this happening to anyone else. Auxiliaries, referred to variously as “consecrates” or “magdalenes”, were women who, having entered a Magdalen Laundry, decided to remain there for life.
    32. No other women in contact with the Committee made any allegation of sexual abuse during their time in the Magdalen Laundries. However a significant number told the Committee that they had suffered sexual abuse in the family home or in other institutions, either before or after their time in the Magdalen Laundries.

    ii. Physical abuse
    33. A large majority of the women who shared their stories with the Committee said that they had neither experienced nor seen other girls or women suffer physical abuse in the Magdalen Laundries.
    34. In this regard, women who had in their earlier lives been in an industrial or reformatory school drew a clear distinction between their experiences there and in the Magdalen Laundries, stating clearly that the widespread brutality which they had witnessed and been subjected to in industrial and reformatory schools was not a feature of the Magdalen Laundries.

  2. Sílim go bhfuil na baill bheatha chuí agam,ach, cogar mé seo leat, an bhfuil cloigeann ortsa?

    Is iomaí glaoch ar mo chroí: an 8400 páiste faoi 5 bliana a fuair bás inné, agus gach lá, 4000 de dheasca ocrais; na saighdiúirí, ar páistí cuid acu, a fuair bás inné, agus na siabhialtigh a mharbhadh acu, inné, agus an mná a rinneadh éigin orthu inné, iad gan áireamh.

    Agus cá bhfágann sé sin an 100 000 suth a chuireadh ó bheatha inné, gan ainm gan deor?

    Is iomaí glaoch ar mo chroí! Ach cogar, an síleann tú go raibh an Eaglais Chaitliceach freagrach astu. Caithfidh sé gurb’ea, ní foláir!

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