2 comments on “466. Alban Elued Sona

  1. Hello, I wanted to thank you the information you share on your blog, to I am also a researcher and my passion is Druidism, I hope someday to study the Irish language.

    I need to consult you How they say in Irish CELTIC SACRED WHEEL OF THE YEAR? I see the term in English, I have tried to investigate but the results do not convince me and I’m afraid to use that term in Irish incorrectly, these are the results I found:

    1. Roth na Bliana.
    2. Na casadh roth.

    Thank you very much for your help, that the gods bless you and fill your home prosperity ❤

    • Not something they taught in school as the Church still rules Irish education.
      My 2 cents 😉
      Roth Beannaithe Ceilteach na Bliana
      Wheel Blessed Celtic of the Year
      #1 was close above.
      Happy Lúnasa, a chara. Blessed Be ♥

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