IRISH / Gaeilge

Dictionaries: For most words Foclóir 1 & for modern terms Foclóir 2


Basic Phrases: Basic Phrases & Gaeilge le Liam Ó Maonlaí

Easy Irish

Lessons For Beginners

Progress In Irish le Freagraí

Ceacht 1

Ceacht 2

Ceacht 3

Ceacht 4

Course with video: Irish on Your Own

Gaeilge ar YouTube

Upper Level Beginner’s Course: Gaeilge Gan Stró BL Part 1

Intermediate Course: Gaeilge Gan Stró LIL


Irish Advanced Vifax

Examination Prep: TEG

Movies: Scannáin

Making Irish part of your life: Grow Gaeilge


Northern Irish

Blas (Northern Irish)

Games: Colin and Cumberland (Northern Irish) main &

Colin and Cumberland (Northern Irish) w audio


SCOTTISH / Gàidhlig


Old Sayings


Speaking Our Language


Gàidhlig (stíl – Buntús Cainte)

Beag Air Bheag


An Ceasnachadh

MANX / Gaelg



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