Japanese For Everyone

An Teanga ón leabhar Japanese For Everyone le cúnamh (as Béarla)

Na litreacha

Hiragana 1    Hiragana 2    Katakana 1    Katakana 2


Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3    Lesson 4    Lesson 5    Lesson 6

Lesson 7     Lesson 8    Lesson 9

Lesson 10    Lesson 11    Lesson 12

Lesson 13


Lafcadio Hearn

Na Samurai sa Spáinn

5 comments on “Japanese For Everyone

  1. Hello, thanks a ton for uploading the audio for the first 13 lessons of Japanese for Everyone, especially since the audio for that book is very difficult to find 😉 Any chances of uploading the audio for the remaining lessons? The textbook is quite good and I would love to get access to the entire audio clips. Any help here much appreciated!

  2. Hi,

    I just purchased the Japanese for Everyone textbook and have been looking for the audio everywhere.

    Thanks for uploading half the audio – would you be able to upload the remaining lessons please?

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